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My (/u/ShadwJ) entry for the /r/WebGames May 2016 Game Jam!

The theme was "What if I broke the rules?" This theme is applied in my game by having the player play in a world that follows Turn Based Battle conventions but the player isn't bound by this rule and is free to do as many commands as they want so mash your way through the menus to save the day!

This game is super rough (so many bad coding practices) but was made in ~4 days and it's been forever since I've released something I've made with Unity so this was a great reintroduction. Hope you all enjoy and thanks for hosting the jam /u/Marmalade6!

Music by Ozzed (http://ozzed.net)


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Requires Unity Web Player, booo

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Sorry 'bout that, I was gonna make a WebGL version too but I didn't have enough time to fix sizing issues.